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  • How are market apples different from our apples?
    The difference is in the quality and freshness of the apples as it reaches you much faster and also the premium quality is provided directly from our farms. The apples in the market are traded and graded multiple time before it reaches the final consumer and the premium and top-graded apples of Kinnaur are directly sent for overseas trade.
  • what types of apples do we supply?
    Our farm mainly produces Royal apples and we also have Richard, Gala, and different varieties of golden apples.
  • How to cancel order ?
    the quickest and easiest way to cancel your order is by calling or WhatsApp our helpline number 8988500075.
  • How to place an order and is COD available?
    you can place using this site ( and no right now COD is not available but soon it will be available.
  • Delivery and return of the products ?
    we use different mediums to deliver our products such as India post and Delivery. and we do not return the farm fresh products but provide refunds if products are damaged and other products such as handicrafts and products of other categories are found damaged our delivery partner will pick it up from you and a refund of the product will provide to you after proper inspection .
  • why should you buy from us ?
    you should buy from us because we provide you with one of the best and most refined products which are produced in Kinnaur. these products are HAND PICKED, SUN DRIED, NO USE OF ANY KIND OF PRESERVATIVES, and also these products are produced on our farm and also used by us.
  • Shelf life of the apple ?
    As compared to the apples of the Shimla district our Kinnaur apples have more shelf life as it is prepared in a cold environment and has a thick cover which helps them to get more shelf life. our apples can stay fresh for up to 30 days if stored in below 15°C.
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